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Tardy Policy

NTHS Tardy Policy

  1. Learners will be assigned to either (a) first breakfast or (b) second breakfast. All learners will be assigned first breakfast unless they travel, have internship, or have late start. Learners who travel, have internship, or have late start will be assigned second breakfast. Only learners who fit into these categories would be allowed to participate in second breakfast. Cafeteria staff will limiting access to only these learners at the entrance line for second breakfast.
  2. If a grace period is allowed by the Facilitator, it will be rounded to the nearest number of the clock, which includes a five or ten (1250pm, 925am, etc)
  3. Administrators should be in the hallways encouraging learners to move to class quickly.
  4. When a student reaches the 2nd tardy to a single class, facilitators will communicate with the learner (in person) and the parents (via phone). If, after the conversation, behavior does not change and the habit continues (after the 4th tardy), the facilitator can choose to release the situation to the administrator. When this referral happens, the facilitator shall communicate such to the learner to help them understand next steps.
  5. When a learner is referred for excessive tardies, admin will meet with the learner. Parents will be included via phone. 
  6. Admin responses to tardies may include (a) before school detention and (b) Friday Afterschool Detentions.

Rogers Public School District Student Attendance Policy  PDF

District Handbook Link