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RNTHS Careers & Internships Job Fair

Why Employers Should Engage with The RNTHS Careers & Internships Job Fair

The Annual RNTHS Careers & Internships Job Fair is a unique opportunity for employers to connect with high school learners from Rogers New Tech High School (RNTHS). As an employer, your participation in this event can have a significant impact on both your organization and the future workforce. Here’s why you should engage with the job fair:

1. Invest in Your Future Workforce

The learners attending the job fair represent the future workforce. By engaging with them, you contribute to their career development and help shape the talent pool in Northwest Arkansas.

2. Showcase Abundant Career Opportunities

Northwest Arkansas offers a wealth of career opportunities across various fields. Use the job fair as a platform to showcase what your industry has to offer. Whether it’s manufacturing, engineering, video game development, nursing, construction, or information technology, RNTHS students are eager to explore their interests.

3. Meet, Inform, and Interview Learners

The job fair provides a direct avenue for employers to meet potential candidates. Take advantage of this opportunity to inform learners about your organization, its values, and available positions. Conduct interviews on-site to identify promising talent.




How to Participate

To be part of The Annual RNTHS Careers & Internships Job Fair, complete the registration form. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to:

Internship, Career & Business Facilitator





Other important aspects of the event. Engage with Teachers and Support Student Projects

1. Collaborate with Educators
  • Meet Our Teachers: The job fair isn’t just about connecting with students; it’s also an opportunity to engage with our dedicated educators. Our teachers are passionate about preparing students for the workforce, and they welcome industry professionals who can share real-world insights and experiences.
  • Set up future Classroom Visits: Share your expertise, discuss industry trends, and inspire learners. Whether it’s a brief talk or a more interactive session, your presence can make a lasting impact.
2. Support Student Projects
  • Guest Speakers: Are you an expert in a specific field? Volunteer to be a guest speaker! Share your journey, career advice, and industry knowledge. Students will appreciate hearing from professionals who have navigated similar paths.
  • Project Judging: Our learners work on exciting projects throughout the year. As a judge, you can evaluate their creativity, problem-solving skills, and presentation abilities. Your feedback will encourage growth and excellence.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Consider mentoring students on their projects. Your guidance can help them refine their ideas, develop prototypes, and gain practical skills. Plus, mentoring fosters meaningful connections.
3. Networking Beyond Students
  • Connect with Educators: Our teachers are well-connected within the education community. By engaging with them, you open doors to potential partnerships, workshops, and collaborative initiatives.